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Employee Variables

Number of Drivers:

Hourly Rate ($):
Overtime Rate:
Regular Hours:
Overtime Hours:
Vacation/Sick Days:

Vehicle Variables
Number of Vehicles:
Average Cost of Car ($):
Miles Per Day:
Car - Miles Per Gallon:
Price of Gas per Gallon ($):

Employment Costs Summary Dollars
Wages - Including Overtime
Social Security Contribution
Unemployment Compensation Contribution
 Workman's Compensation
Misc/Admin Hiring Drug Screen Training
Vacation/Sick Leave based on 5 days
Fringe Benefits (Medical, Dental, Life)
Total Monthly Employee Expense
Monthly Average Expense per Employee 

Monthly Vehicle Expenses Dollars
Original Cost (cash) or Loan Payment
Licenses, Title, Fees, Permits (state and/or federal)
Taxes (State, country, school, VIP - where applicable)
Gas Oil & Grease (based on 10.00 Gallons at 25 MPG)
Insurance (liability, collision, cargo, fire, theft & legal)
Actions not indemnified by insurance.
Normal maintenance (service, parts, tires, etc.)
Washing & exterior maintenance
Total Monthly Vehicle Expense
Monthly Average Expense per Company Vehicle

Total Monthly Cost of Vehicles and Drivers 
Total Daily Cost of Vehicles and Drivers 
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