What People Are Saying

"Since coming on board with DLS in September 2003, in which we shipped over 300 pieces, till present where we are shipping over 750 pieces of freight, we have not had any problems. Because of their excellent service our business to customers in the selected routes has been tremendous. We were able to pick up new business which has more than offset the expense of their service. I know there are other Rush locations that would love to have this service provided in their areas."

— Michael Mayer,
General Manager, Oklahoma
Rush Truck Centers of Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Ardmoore
Dedicated Logistics


DLS local services are designed to provide an alternative option to the employed driver in a company vehicle. Whether you are considering an alternative to employing a driver or simply expanding your delivery services, you will want to take a good look at our dedicated driver system.

Benefits of DLS local delivery services include:
  • Dedicated driver assigned exclusively to your location. Driver becomes a part of your team.
  • Utilizing independent contractors that provide their own vehicles, fuel, maintenance, tools, labor, etc.
  • Also available to assist with other duties.
  • Customized work shifts to fit your exact needs.
  • 100% guaranteed service (DLS will cover for absentee driver).
  • Customized rate plans to maximize your profits. Our rates are normally less than your cost for an employed driver and vehicle.
  • A fixed monthly rate will allow you to determine exactly what it costs to make a delivery.
  • Reduced liability as an additional insured under our policy, up to $2 million.
  • Nextel communications between delivery specialists and management dispatchers, if so desired (GPS available).
  • No more unemployment or workers comp issues.
  • No long term contracts - business is provided on a month-to-month basis.
Other Services: In addition to our local delivery services with dedicated drivers, DLS provides a number of alternatives to move freight throughout the state and into surrounding states.

Listed below are some options that you may want to consider:
  • Nightly service between OKC and Tulsa.
  • Nightly service between OKC and Dallas.
  • Nightly service between OKC and Amarillo.
  • Nightly co-op routes that move throughout most of the state.
  • Hot shot deliveries throughout the city and state.
  • Implementation of dedicated routes.
  • Designed delivery systems specific to customer needs.
Our goal is to meet or exceed our customer’s needs with an efficient, cost effective system that will enable our customers to have a competitive edge in their industry and market area. As a twelve year old company, our customers have grown to trust our services based on a relationship that says “actions speak louder than words.” Let us show you we can be trusted based on our word, and also with our actions.
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